Presentation of clinical cases


In the EndoIBD project we value work that demonstrates a real correlation between endoscopic or radiological imaging and the clinical practice of inflammatory bowel disease. Presentations submitted will be reviewed before publication. Incomplete or incorrectly formatted submissions will be returned to the author prior to a final review for corrections.

The IBD project publishes clinical cases related to the common practice of inflammatory bowel disease and includes images and videos showing the technical application of Endoscopy and Radiology. The addition of histological images serves to clarify and complete clinical cases, thus increasing the quality of the presentation.

Files of clinical cases can be submitted in power point format accompanied by videos and images that demonstrate techniques related to the disease. The following formats can be used for uploading videos and images: MPEG-2 (.mpg), MPEG-4 (.m4v or mp4), Quicktime (.mov or .dv) or windows media video, even MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and DV are preferable.

Presentations should be in English in order to achieve a greater readership. Presentations must include the name of the main author, contributing authors and institutions involved. Please note that the main author will be used for correspondence preferably via e-mail.

To request an account to upload your presentation please contact us at:


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